Community Update 51-2020
December 21, 2020

Community Update #51-2020

Hello everybody,

It’s been a while since the last Community Update and the reason is that we have been focusing on the coming release 🙂

Today we will have a special community update that will focus on the development and of the multiple choices that have been done in the past month.



While we were developing the new Vericoin Wallet, we run into multiple bumps, mainly due to the implementation we did in the recent Verium release. With the current amount of developers in the team, we have clearly realized that it will be impossible for us to maintain 2 coins, 2 wallets and update those on a regular basis.

Stating that fact, we have decided to take another approach, an approach that might delay a bit the release of the Vericoin wallet but that will open a clear and bright path for the future evolution of Vericonomy.

We will work on VeriBase.

The VeriBase project will be a codebase that contains the code of Verium and Vericoin. Our 2 cryptocurrencies will be implemented a bit like how in some cryptocurrency such as bitcoin you can choose your network between the mainnet, testnet, signet, …

By going that way, we will just be able to release way more quickly features that will be accessible from Vericoin & Verium. We will also be just a few steps away from releasing the Vericonomy wallet since most of the logic will already be there and we will just have to find a way to run 2 networks in one process.



So now, wheare are we in the implementation of the VeriBase idea and what’s have been done in the last couple of weeks?

We have been working since a bit more than a week on the VeriBase idea and clearly, as we are progressing, it seems like the right way to go. Everything is making much more sense and we are already having pretty good result.

The Veribase code is based on the bitcoin core 0.21 and we have mostly already wrote the logic to allow Verium and Vericoin to be part of the same codebase.

We are now moving all the code we wrote for Verium 1.3.X into VeriBase.

Before we took the decision to move to the VeriBase project, we also have worked on implementing Vericoin and all that code is not lost and will be ported as soon as possible. A big part of the PoST logic already have been coded and we will soon focus on the UI implementation that is generally way faster 🙂


I hope the presentation of the development progress is clear enough and i stay available on our multiple communication platform if you have any suggestion, remark, question … 🙂

The team and I also wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year !!!


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