November 19, 2021

Verium & Vericoin Beta Wallet Release

Hi all!

The new Verium & Vericoin Beta Wallet is released !

Installers and binaries are available at the end of this post.

The changes are in relation to the 2.0.0 version of Verium & Vericoin


Verium & Vericoin Beta Wallet – Notables Changes

  • All code is now merged in to one codebase (Veribase)!
  • Updated the bootstrap workflow to be more accessible
  • Fixed a consensus issue
  • Enabled RPC Protocol v2!
  • Updated to BTC 0.20 Core!
  • Wallet startup time optimized
  • Code cleanup and UI design


If you find any bug in the Wallets, please report it using Github issue






For those that doesn’t want the installer or that want Command line client, you can download the binaries




What’s next

We now have a solid and streamlined codebase that will make incremental changes and updates easier to implement and is also almost up to date with current BTC core version. This codebase is the foundation of binary chain and the gemini wallet!

Milestones we will work towards to achive:

  • Whitepaper for the binary chain
  • Release a Phone wallet for Vericoin and Verium
  • Add Vericoin on AtomicDex to allow VRC / VRM Swap
  • Add more exchanges
  • Create a Vericonomy Wallet merging both cryptocurrency (gemini wallet)
  • Binary Chain


We also are working on rewriting the entire current wiki to allow easier access to our project.


Join us on

As always, the community is more than happy to welcome you on the different social network !







Enjoy & Share !

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