VeriCoin & Verium Website and Wallet Download Stats

Why We’re Sharing Our Data

The following interactive dashboard allows you to view the growth of VeriCoin and Verium in metrics beyond price. You will be able to see web traffic growth and more importantly goal conversion data (wallet downloads, whitepaper downloads, etc).

The marketing team made a decision to make this information public for a few reasons.

  • VeriCoin is a community project and therefore the community should have access to this information. We believe transparency will lead to further growth and eventual mainstream adoption.
  • Too much emphasis in crypto is solely on the value or price of a coin. Our goal is to create a currency that will actually be used and these metrics give an indication of how we’re progressing towards this goal
  • It is our hope that you will be motivated to grow this exciting, potentially world-changing project. The end goal is huge but when we can break it down to small achievable goals city by city, region by region, country by country, we will attain success.

Notes: (a) Data collection started in Feb 15, 2017 (b) There were a couple of weeks in Dec. 2017 in which analytics stopped tracking all web traffic and conversions.


There are currently 4 pages in the document. We will add more pages as the project grows and by listening to community requests. You can scroll thru the different pages by using the pagination in the lower left of dashboard. If you want to view the dashboard in full screen, click on the expansion icon in the lower right.

You can change the date range of the period you want to evaluate be modifying the date range in the top right. The default view is the last 7 days and comparative metrics are based on the previous 7 days.

Page 1 features a general internet marketing dashboard that features some segmentation filters on the right side. For example, if you want to see just traffic and conversion data for the country of Australia, you can go to the country filter and select only “Australia” to get the filtered view. You can apply multiple filters to get even more granular results. If you wanted to only see desktop traffic in Australia, you would use the “country” and “device category” filter.

Page 2 and 3 segment key metrics based on Geographic location. Page 2 features a table of key metrics by Country and Page 3 segments data by city. You can view multiple pages of the table by clicking in the lower right of the table to view past the Top 20 results.

Page 4 focuses on the growth of your YouTube channel.

We plan on adding more data to the dashboard but look forward to your feedback. There are over a million combinations of data we can include so we will features and stats that make sense and within reason.