VeriLive #6
November 04, 2020

VeriLive – Friday, November 6th – 2PM EST

Hello !


Updated after the Verilive #6

  • 3:01 Introduction by Effects to Cause, discussion on the new Verium Blockexplorer with the new functionalities and graphs
  • 4:47 Presentation of Calvario
  • 7:21 News and marketing of the new infrastructure, implementation of additional ideas from the community
  • 13:04 Update on the current development of the Verium wallet and why it is important for the Vericoin wallet
  • 13:36 Why we started on the Verium wallet
  • 23:26 Comparison between PoW and PoS and the benefits of a binary chain community
  • 25:33 Update on the white paper and the #research channel on Slack. Invitation to anyone to participate in the process of finalisation of the binary chain white paper. Submission in journals for peer review. Timeline.
  • 28:37 Discussion on the different channels and how to optimize the collaborative work
  • 29:41 How we will give the tools to the community to be able to help and participate more (forum, wiki, community management, marketing, consistency of information)
  • 43:42 Philosophy behind the tools we are building. Discussion on github as a potential platform for the formal documentation, which would enable more people to share, make commits, monitor and keep up to date. 46:27 Update on the success of the implementation of the latest Verium Improvement Proposal and why it’s important to update the Verium wallets
  • 49:10 Update on the progress of the new Vericoin wallet
  • 50:36 Timeline for the Vericoin wallet, binary Chain paper, implementation of the binary chain. Topics covered by the paper.
  • 54:41 Possibility of wrapping Verium or Vericoin on Uniswap, and potential alternatives for the future.
  • 1:01:35 Why the Verium transaction fee has been reduced and will it be increased again in the future?
  • 1:08:32 Miners’ costs and price, constant rewards and impact on inflation.


Original Post

Join us on the VeriLive the Friday, November 6th at 2PM EST !

The main topics will be :

  • Development Progress
  • VIP1 Implementation

For that Verilive we will have a new participant: @Calvario 🙂

Feel free to send your questions on :

We will do our best to answer in a Q&A session at the end of the VeriLive !


VeriLive #6

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