February 07, 2021

VeriumFellow – What Makes VeriConomy Special

Earlier this week @VeriumFellow shared some profound opinions on what the VeriConomy means to him. It definitely deserves to be archived and posted on the website.

“If we were GPU only, I bet the hashrate would be a lot lower and more centralised than what we have now. Choosing CPU was visionary from a long-term resilience point of view. Choosing Binary Chain is still the most visionary thing I know in crypto. Having a community remaining positive, developing and mining during this time is just outstanding in the crypto community. Decentralisation at work. Really beautiful to be able to be part of it, I’m really proud to have invested in Verium, because I’m here for the movement and the philosophy, as many others here. We are a community with strong roots. And a 150$ lesson is not a very expensive lesson, look at what happened this week alone to some short sellers. We are in charge of our future, of our development, of our own faith, we don’t rely on banks, on the system, on a government to tell us what to do. So anyone is invited to contribute to make the wallet and layer 2 apps even better, it all depends on us as a community cherishing the libertarian values that Bitcoin inspired us. We had a vision that a binary chain combining the best of both worlds of PoW and PoS is the path of the future, we have two communities of miners and stakers living together, but also all the hurdles coming with such an ambitious task: two cores to maintain, two listings on exchanges, with volumes on both coins, it is so difficult that no one is actually doing it. And that’s exactly what I like with Verium/Vericoin, it’s doing the impossible and I’m here to do exactly that: supporting the most challenging idea in crypto with the means I have, and others have other means, together we achieve to go through very difficult moments in a way I’m so proud of! Thank you @Mderasse @effectstocause @[email protected] MORIN and all the others anonymous or not; stakers and miners for everything you do here and for continuing to believe in our vision. Is it worth it even if we fail, yes, definitely YES!”

“Why do we need real decentralisation? Because corruption of centralised power is the most natural thing in human kind, we need mathematics to make us as a community better than the sum of its individuals. That’s why we are here, to make the world better for our children”.

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