Community Update 04-2021
January 26, 2021

Community Update #04-2021

Hello everybody,

First of all, the Vericonomy Team wish you an happy New Year (a bit late ;)) and hope that you are all safe in that complicated period.


In the last Community Update #51-2020 we have presented to all of you the work we are doing on VeriBase. And so far every progress we are making on it make us believe that it’s the best choice we did to prepare the future of Vericonomy. Every part of the implementation make us believe that it will permit us to achieve the creation of a wallet able to handle Verium and Vericoin by an easier way than if we have choose to keep 2 separate code base.

I’m not saying that there will not be any challenge to accomplish that goal, just that we can already see the shape of it.

But yet, we still have some work to do before releasing the wallet, and we are working everyday on it in order to reach that goal as soon as possible.



So far development is moving forward and we are now starting to tweak / test / fix the consensus. That part is really crucial in the development of the wallet as it handle all the logic being a block chain. Any bug in the consensus could generate issues regarding peer connection, wallet synchronization and even block validation. So we will still need a bit of time on that step.

After that, we will start to implement the UI. It will be mainly a copy / paste from the current Verium Wallet, we will adapt it regarding the logo, colors, … to make it match the Vericoin theme. That part will be really quick as there is nearly no real development to do.

That kind of the 2 last steps before sharing a beta version.




  • Implement Coin logic into VeriBase
  • Implement Consensus into VeriBase
  • Adapt Protocol to handle PoWT and PoWS
  • Adapt RPC command for bot coin
  • Update our Chat Platform Bridge to the latest version


  • Tweak / Fix / Test Consensus
  • Start the wallet UI
  • Publish the code on Github
  • Implement ElectrumX server for Verium and Vericoin (required by multi 3rd party app including some exchange)


  • Multi platform bot for help / tip / … (Discord, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Whatsapp ….)
  • Deploy a new Forum
  • Deploy a new Documentation platform
  • Update the website



  • We need your help on spreading the word !


Join us on






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