Community Update 46-2020
November 10, 2020

Community Update #46-2020

Hi everybody,

I hope that you enjoyed the VeriLive of the week !

As explain during the VeriLive, we will try to do one every month.


This week we mainly have been working on the Vericoin Wallet and also on the block explorer




  • Add a Profitability Calculator for Verium CPU mining in the explorer to check or compare the potential earnings of your hardware
  • Fix few bugs in the Block Explorer
  • Fix Verium Vault crash on windows when mining (In next release)
  • Fix Chat Bridge between Slack/Telegram <-> Discord


  • Adapt RPC command in Vericoin Wallet
  • Continue to transform Vericoin Wallet
  • Implementation of the Consensus in Vericoin Wallet
  • Re-structure Slack / Discord / Telegram
  • Fix mining issue on Windows
  • Debug / Fix Verium Vault on MacOs
  • White Paper (A draft will be shared with the community on Slack / Discord #research channel)


  • Multi platform bot for help / tip / … (Discord, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Whatsapp ….)
  • Deploy a new Forum
  • Deploy a new Documentation platform
  • Update the website



  • We need your help on spreading the word !
  • Verilive #6


You can also follow the Trello board:


Join us on







Have a nice week !

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